Writing a Critical Analysis Essay in a Nutshell

Newbies may feel insecure while starting a critical analysis essay. The point is that every student must carefully prepare for this type of assignment. Be critical of what you read or write. You have to analyze studies, books, certain statements, or positions of people. But where do you start? How not miss an important aspect? Here are the key steps to writing a critical analysis 1000-word essay like a pro.

Pick a Topic and Read Carefully

Start by choosing a good topic. Typically, professors give students creative freedom. Take a look at those topics that interest you. Also, check how easy it will be for you to find important information. You shouldn't pick a complicated or too broad topic. Here are a few examples that you can focus on.

The influence of video games on the formation of personality.

The importance of modern technologies for education.

The effect of morning jogging on the human immune system.

The effect of steroids on the body of athletes.

Writing an excellent critical analysis essay can be easy, especially if you like a topic. Concentrate on finding a specific event, term, or person that is easy to write about. There is no need to turn your assignment into a quest to find information.

Choose a Thesis Statement

Let's say you have identified someone's point of view. Your thesis should claim it. Build a mini database to evaluate a specific term or statement critically. Operate with facts and evidence that you find in reliable sources. This is the main condition for critical writing. A strong thesis statement will allow you to create a foothold for your logical essay and form counterarguments.

Write an Intro

Now your task is to write an interesting introduction. Don't be afraid to start a bold statement or even a rhetorical question. Choose a feature that helps you highlight the importance of your paper. Indicate the book, an article, or the author of a certain statement about which you will write. And don't forget about a strong thesis that will allow you to move forward.

Organize the Body Paragraphs

Now you need to form clear topics for each paragraph. Prepare the data that helped you critically analyze certain statements. Provide evidence and support your point of view. Then you can support your thesis. And don't forget to format a critical analysis literary essay. This is very important if you want to get a high grade.

Make Clear Topic Sentences

Try to write a clear and informative first sentence for each paragraph. The point is that your main job is to maintain your thesis. Start pointing out research to prove you are right or provide some quotation backed up by reliable sources. Then it will be easier for you to cope with the task.

Strong Evidence Is a Must

The main problem for many students is choosing weak evidence. The point is, you don't have many options. You should only use credible sources, scientific articles, and research results. Don’t be afraid. Try to research your topic thoroughly. Here are some examples of how to write a successful critical analysis essay with strong evidence.

According to a 2001 study, more than 80% of people tend to accept someone else's point of view if the majority agrees. To confirm this claim, scientists conducted an experiment involving 2,500 people for three months.

Paul Dunlop has proven the relationship between age and muscle memory in 30 experiments over 13 years. As a result, he was able to form the so-called "muscle memory phenomenon," which characterizes the body's ability to remember a certain sequence of actions even after decades.

But you need to not only point to research but also use reliable sources. Regular websites, Wikipedia or our site www.jaspermbecker.com are not the best options.

Summarize Your Analysis

The final part of your assignment is summarizing the facts and what you have learned. Be concise and logical. Your paper should be complete. Emphasize what you have learned and how important it is. You can also answer several questions. Has the information received influenced your opinion? What conclusions have you been able to draw? How relevant is your data at the moment? And don't forget editing and proofreading. Then you can write a great essay and expect high grades.